About Us

The Diversity and Inclusion Group of Southern California (DIG SoCal) shall serve as a resource for the promotion of diversity and inclusion measures through increased education and interagency collaboration. These efforts are designed to enhance diversity awareness and competency of the Southern California federal workforce.

Membership shall consist of any person interested in volunteering with DIG SoCal who is employed by a federal agency which falls under the purview of the Greater Los Angeles Federal Executive Board (GLAFEB). A Board of Officers shall be constructed by active volunteer members elected by a majority vote. Specific criteria for Membership, to include roles and responsibilities, terms, and elections, are defined in the DIG SoCal Membership Declaration (needs link).

DIG SoCal will serve the Southern California federal community in areas of special emphasis concerning workplace diversity through engagement and the education of policies, directives, and objectives set forth by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) , and the GLAFEB.

Under the sponsorship and guidance of the GLAFEB, DIG SoCal will:

  • Prioritize activities in support of OPM and EEOC directives or based upon unique needs of the modern workforce.
  • Identify, coordinate, and share effective EEO strategies to attract, retain, develop, manage, and reward a high-performing and diverse federal workforce.
  • Provide forums for interagency sharing of best practices and training opportunities for EEO and workforce development, including succession planning, leadership development and other employee training.
  • Foster partnerships with professional and community groups to raise awareness and promote public service as a career.
  • Review and recommend cost effective and meaningful learning programs for the federal community at-large.
  • Collaborate with the Human Capital Council to assess EEO training needs and recommend vendors/consultants.

General membership meetings will be held at a minimum of biannually. Leadership meetings shall be held at a minimum of quarterly. The GLAFEB and/or the DIG SoCal elected Chair may call special meetings as necessary. Subcommittees may be established to assist in the accomplishment of mission goals.

Although membership on the council is limited to federal agencies, meetings, workshops, and other events are open to state, county, and local government agencies, as well as private sector organizations, nonprofits, education institutions, and special interest groups.

DIG SoCal reports directly to the GLAFEB and shall provide a report of activities to the GLAFEB Executive Director on an annual basis, or upon request.

This charter is subject to annual review, which shall take place at the first meeting of the calendar year. Proposed changes must receive a majority vote of the DIG SoCal Board and be submitted to the GLAFEB for approval.

DIG SoCal shall operate under the authority of the GLAFEB, which is governed by the GLAFEB Chair and Executive Director.

This Charter of the Diversity and Inclusion Group of Southern California is approved on May 1, 2016